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Today in Yogi Times

A skeptic’s mini-guide to contacting your loved ones who passed away Let’s all suspend disbelief for a few moments, and consider the possibility that our deceased loved ones are not really gone – they are just… READ MORE

Overwhelmed by demand!

Just a quick word here to say how overwhelmed and humbled I am by the demand for On Dragonfly Wings – so that it is out of stock in the US only five days after its… READ MORE

The Grammar of Grief with Uma Girish

On Wednesday April 30, at 7 PM CST (3am in Geneva but also available later as a podcast) – about how grief can change our life, and finding comfort in knowing our deceased loved ones… READ MORE

Matter of the Mind on The Voice of Santa Fe

More about On Dragonfly Wings, and how our deceased loved ones are trying to contact and reassure us in this interview with Mark Perry on The Voice of Santa Fe

blog post from O-Books

Diplomat to Medium When I started writing On Dragonfly Wings a few years back, I was a little worried. I was not worried because I found discussion about spirituality and mediumship scary, or unusual, or difficult… READ MORE

my radio interview with Pamela Marie Edmunds

On Wednesday April 16, 2014 at 9:00 PM EST your Host and Medium Pamela Marie Edmunds will be welcoming to her show Author Daniela Norris. During their interview they will be discussing Daniela’ book “On Dragonfly… READ MORE

Reviews for On Dragonfly Wings start coming in…. two more weeks to Release Date!

Goodreads reviews for On Dragonfly Wings Reviews from

On Dragonfly Wings

While I was writing my upcoming book On Dragonfly Wings – a skeptic’s journey to mediumship, I had many doubts. Doubts, because the topic is very different from anything I’ve written before, which was mostly political… READ MORE

Geneva Writers’ Conference

The Geneva Writers’ Group will hold its biennial writers’ conference from 30 January to 1 February 2014 – and it is going to be a wonderful event, no doubt. With instructors coming from all over Europe… READ MORE

On Dragonfly Wings found its home!

Something truly wonderful happened last week. Most people who know me, also know that I’ve been working on a book which is very different from most things I have written before. It is titled On Dragonfly Wings… READ MORE