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I’ll start with a disclosure: I don’t do poetry. Or so I thought, until I learned that Aracelis Girmay, an acclaimed American poet, was coming to Geneva to give a workshop at the Geneva Press Club…. READ MORE


Today I stopped to think about what inspires me – something I don’t do often enough. Perhaps because inspiration is everywhere around us. But true inspiration – the kind that makes me grateful to be alive… READ MORE

Words, words, words…

Words are a writer’s building blocks, just like pieces of wood for a carpenter and flour and sugar for a baker. So why waste them? This is not supposed to be a way to justify the… READ MORE

Spring is here…

…hopefully to stay! It has been a short, fierce winter in the Geneva area, and the mountain-tops are still painted white. But something in the air of the crisp, clear mornings hints at the new season… READ MORE

Cold front ahead!

It is the first day of the second month of the New Year, and temperatures in the Geneva area have dropped well into negative numbers. On days like this, I am grateful that I don’t have… READ MORE

Life choices

For me, living in a part of the world where snow-covered mountain peaks in the distance are a daily sight is a conscious choice. Just getting out of the house in the morning is a refreshing… READ MORE

Another year is ending…and a new one begins!

Which one is it then, the half full cup or the half empty? Yes, it is always somewhat unsettling to leave another year behind. All those things we wanted to do and didn’t have time; all… READ MORE

Snow at 1400m

This is always a good way to start the day. When they announce the upcoming snow on the radio, I know it will be a great week, as there aren’t many things as inspiring as watching… READ MORE

Autumn Leaves

I’ve always wondered how do the Gods of Weather know it is September 1st? In this part of the world, come September, everything changes. The ripples on Lake Geneva are suddenly more pronounced, and the air… READ MORE

What happened to August?

How can it be the end of August already? Perhaps it has something to do with the unusual amount of travel I’ve done this month – from Toronto to Vermont, back to Geneva and then to… READ MORE