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The King of Montréal

I am thrilled to have been offered a contract with Lodestone Books for my upcoming YA Historical novel titled ‘The King of Montréal’. This novel took me over two years to research and write, and it… READ MORE

2023 Saskatchewan Book Awards

I am so honored to have been asked to be on the jury of this year’s prize, and to be able to read some wonderful new books from Saskatchewan writers. The choice was hard but the… READ MORE

Happy Holidays!

Join me on Nov. 21 @ 6pm ET

event by Vancouver Writers Group Writing Across Time and Place:”As writers, we are often told to ‘write what we know’. However, many of us enjoy researching and writing about past events, real or imagined. Historical fiction… READ MORE


As we approach the quieter time of year, a period of change and reflection which – for me – seems to always coincide with autumn, I have a big change of my own: I’ve moved to… READ MORE

On Dragonfly Wings – #1 in Reincarnation titles this month – $0.99 e-book in February

On Dragonfly Wings: a skeptic’s journey to mediumship is my personal story of how I started seeing the bigger picture of life – and of death. Following the unexpected death of my youngest brother Michael, just… READ MORE

Holiday wishes & drumroll… Precognitions now available as an audiobook!

Just in time for Christmas and the New Year, Precognitions is now available as an audiobook – narrated by the very talented Alicia Jasmine Chornomud – and free with an audible trial, so give it a… READ MORE

The Recognitions Trilogy now complete!

As an author, writing a trilogy is not a simple task. Not only do the characters evolve during the years it takes to write the trilogy, but the writer evolves, too. I am not who I… READ MORE

Precognitions (Recognitions, Book III)

I am so thrilled that my latest novel, Precognitions – the third book in the Recognitions trilogy, is now out as an ebook, followed shortly by the paperback and audiobook! These are strange times which call… READ MORE

How should resources be distributed during a pandemic?

Some of you know that I’ve written a pandemic political thriller in 2008, titled ‘Patient Zero’. I never published it as it was too ‘out there’ at the time. Now, I am serializing it, a chapter… READ MORE