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The Recognitions Trilogy now complete!

As an author, writing a trilogy is not a simple task. Not only do the characters evolve during the years it takes to write the trilogy, but the writer evolves, too. I am not who I… READ MORE

Precognitions (Recognitions, Book III)

I am so thrilled that my latest novel, Precognitions – the third book in the Recognitions trilogy, is now out as an ebook, followed shortly by the paperback and audiobook! These are strange times which call… READ MORE

How should resources be distributed during a pandemic?

Some of you know that I’ve written a pandemic political thriller in 2008, titled ‘Patient Zero’. I never published it as it was too ‘out there’ at the time. Now, I am serializing it, a chapter… READ MORE

Patient Zero – can the pandemic be stopped?

As a ‘thank you’ to all these amazing people who share their talents online for free – yoga teachers, artists, coaches and writers – here’s something from me to hopefully make your time in isolation a… READ MORE

The New European

I am thrilled to have my poem titled WHEN AN EMPIRE SHEDS ITS SKIN in The New European today. I think that as writers, we can’t afford to ignore politics and current affairs, or as the… READ MORE

Audiobooks – did you know?

Did you know that audiobook sales are now around $1 billion in the US alone? There’s a good reason for that. Snuggling in bed with a cup of tea, headphones and a good audiobook can be… READ MORE

Premonitions nominated for the People’s Book Prize

Another happy day: just learned that PREMONITIONS is showcased in the Winter Collection of the People’s Book Prize – alongside a video-clip about the RECOGNITIONS series and past-life connections, featuring background music from the very awesome #Horsemenoftheapocalypse…. READ MORE

Premonitions earned the Literary Classics seal of approval!

Premonitions earned the Literary Classics seal of approval! This means that it is suitable for Young Adults, New Adults, as well as… you’ve guess it… adults-adults!! It is now available also as an audiobook, narrated by… READ MORE

Hellys Guitar Festival, Cornwall, 26-31 August 2019

Do you love books AND music? Hope to see you at Hellys Music Festival in Helston, Cornwall – come and listen to some great music, bring your children to free workshops and meet the authors every… READ MORE

Writing alone vs writing communities

I’ve been writing for two decades now, initially for myself and in recent years for publication – essays, articles, short stories and even two novels. And I still ask myself the same question as I did… READ MORE