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This article posted by Daniela Norris on Monday 15th February 2021

On Dragonfly Wings – #1 in Reincarnation titles this month – $0.99 e-book in February

On Dragonfly Wings: a skeptic’s journey to mediumship is my personal story of how I started seeing the bigger picture of life – and of death. Following the unexpected death of my youngest brother Michael, just a week before his 20th birthday, I started exploring the nagging feeling I had, that he was not really gone, just different now.

On Dragonfly Wings is a story of loss, and of hope. It is a gift of love, and so from Valentine’s Day Feb. 14 until the end of the month, you can get your ebook copy for $0.99 on most online platforms. Hope you enjoy reading it, and that it brings a little light into your life and your loss.

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