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This article posted by Daniela Norris on Friday 19th August 2016

Why do these things always happen to ME?

It has been a while but here I go again, back to blogging about hypnotherapy, past lives and life in general!

I’ve heard many clients, as well as friends, wonder about why certain things happen in their lives. Things that are difficult to deal with, things that they interpret as failures, mistakes, unfair occurrences.

“Why?” they all ask. “Why me?”

I will attempt to answer this not-so-easy-to-answer question.

Firstly, many things can be only understood in retrospect. Although this is not easy to accept when we are in a midst of an often very personal, very disturbing crisis, it helps if we can wait until the storm passes to try and judge what really happened to us.

Was it really as bad as we thought it is when we were in the eye of the storm?

Is there any learning in it, or does it still feel pointless?

Does the pain that comes with difficult experiences teach us something?

Does it make us stronger or better individuals?

Often, the answers to these questions can surprise us if we take the time to think about them in an open-minded way.

Each and every one of us has a journey to complete in their life, and some of us have a tougher journey than others. It doesn’t mean that we are unlucky, or that we are not wonderful people if difficult things happen to us. On the contrary.

The lives that have most challenges in them are often the most rewarding – as it is very possible that we are the ones who’ve chosen our obstacles and challenges – before we started this current life.

Sounds unlikely? Maybe. But consider this:

Why do these things always happen to ME?

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  • oh my goodness, thank you. I
    ve always wondered about certain hardships that I have to go through that everyone else can look away from and now i know…all of it will be worth it.

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