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This article posted by Daniela Norris on Thursday 11th April 2019

Spring: best time for recalculating trajectories!


The French countryside in the spring is like no other place I’ve ever been to. It is not only the fresh smell and watching the browns turning into greens and the greys above us turning blue while sipping a glass of rosé in the warm sun. It is also people stepping outside again, out into nature and into new adventures.

There’s something about spring that brings new hope, and it is the best time to recalculate our trajectories and see whether we are heading in the right direction in our lives.

If we see that we’re somewhat off-course, I find it easier to correct this in the spring, with the energies of growth and renewal giving us a back wind.

Now is the best time to ask: where am I going this year? Where do I wish to find myself before the end of it? And then, once we found our answer, we can change course if needed and walk towards this new direction without fear.

Happy spring!

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