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This article posted by Daniela Norris on Monday 1st February 2010

February 2010

Is there much use in going to writing conferences?

This is a question that every novice writer has asked themselves at some point. If you want to write, you just sit and do it, right?

Wrong. In my experience, it is easy to get disheartened if you walk this road alone. Sure, literature and history are full of stories of writers who’ve never taken a writing workshop in their lives yet produced high literature that won great acclaim. But these are the few. For most of us, the occasional writing workshop or class can provide support, inspiration and reinforce what we already know deep in our hearts – that writing is part of who we are.

Here are some photos from the biennial Geneva Writers’ Conference that took place on Feb. 5-7. It provided great inspiration to many of us who attended. See you in Geneva at the next conference, in 2012. And in the mean time – write on.

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