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This article posted by Daniela Norris on Monday 12th December 2011

Another year is ending…and a new one begins!

Which one is it then, the half full cup or the half empty? Yes, it is always somewhat unsettling to leave another year behind. All those things we wanted to do and didn’t have time; all those resolutions that will have to wait another year. Not to mention, getting one year older.

But then, there’s the excitement of a new year starting, not very different from that ‘back to school’ feeling we’ve experienced many (or not so many) years ago. New opportunities, a promise of good things to come, a new beginning.

I, for one, have decided to keep away from parties this New Year’s eve. With a few close friends and loved ones, opening ourselves to the possibilities that this New Year will bring feels like the right thing to do. And without skipping the champagne at midnight, I can safely say that this coming year will be one like no other.

Wishing you a wonderful, creative end of the year, and an even more wonderful new beginning.

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