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Spring is in the air…

Cliched but true – it is nearly here. It has started well for me with one of my short stories longlisted for the Fish Prize. Hurray! It probably will not get much further than that as… READ MORE

So how did we get to February?

I am totally baffled, as it seems that just last week we were all sick with the-end-of-the-year fever. But February is a nice month, full of promise of spring and hope for a good year in… READ MORE

Happy New Year!

2011 is here, and after a short trip to Israel and Palestine I am ready for it, My new year started with a generous award from the Society of Authors in the UK – the John… READ MORE

So we’ve been through the autumn months, and the novel writing month, and now it seems that we’ll be having a snow-filled month. Lovely. Why not put another log in the fire, stock up on hot… READ MORE

It is NaNoWriMo month!

What’s that? During the month of November, thousands of writers around the world struggle together to complete a first draft of a novel in thirty days. It is called National Novel Writing Month, or in short… READ MORE

Swanwick Writers’ Summer School

Every August there is something magical happening in deepest, darkest Derbyshire. It is called the Swanwick Writers’ Summer School, or, for those in the know – simply Swanwick. Just got back from a wonderful week full… READ MORE

It’s already May!

How can we be in May already? It seems as if only yesterday the snow has melted and the winter jackets took up all the space in the closet. It is definitely time to put them… READ MORE

March 2010

The month of the spring equinox is bringing many good things: the promise of warmth and sunshine, longer days and more energy, now that the winter gloom is slowly fading away. It is a good time… READ MORE

February 2010

Is there much use in going to writing conferences? This is a question that every novice writer has asked themselves at some point. If you want to write, you just sit and do it, right? Wrong. In my… READ MORE

January 2010

January is a great time to discuss New Year’s resolutions. Every person needs something to strive towards. Why not try to achieve some of our goals this year? We all have things we’d like to achieve… READ MORE