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This article posted by Daniela Norris on Sunday 22nd April 2012

Words, words, words…

Words are a writer’s building blocks, just like pieces of wood for a carpenter and flour and sugar for a baker. So why waste them?

This is not supposed to be a way to justify the rare updates of my blogs, or my recent reluctance to Twit, Link In and Face(book). It is just that I suddenly feel inundated by words.

True, one can never read too much. We are very fortunate to live in an era of free information, available to nearly everyone (unless you happen to be somewhere where access to information is restricted, but that’s a different story altogether). However, it often feels as if perhaps some of these words are… not that necessary. Many of them are words that most of us could really live without.

So I’ve decided not to further contribute to the flood of unnecessary words that threatens to inundate those of us who love reading them, but only when they really mean something. Those who appreciate the silence, for it often means more than more words, words, words.

I am working on a spiritual journey book, with many words that hopefully have some meaning – and will happily share some of them here, but only when I feel that they actually carry some weight.

In the mean time, enjoy the silence in your life and listen to it carefully. It is often full of unsaid words.



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