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This article posted by Daniela Norris on Monday 27th February 2012

Spring is here…

…hopefully to stay! It has been a short, fierce winter in the Geneva area, and the mountain-tops are still painted white. But something in the air of the crisp, clear mornings hints at the new season ahead, and there’s nothing like spring to bring on inspiration.

My work on Dragonfly Wings, a book which is also a spiritual journey, is closely related to the hypnotherapy training course I’ve been attending since last June. I feel like inspiration is all around me, and that sometimes, when you are on the right track, things come together to assist you.

What is ‘the right track’? This, of course, is an individual choice. Each and every one of us has – or should have – a purpose in this life, and the happiest people are the ones who actually manage to fulfill this purpose, or at least to work towards fulfilling it.

Enough philosophical musings for today – back to work. Hope this spring inspires you to find your path, and if you’re on it already, to continue walking on it despite what sometimes seem to be difficulties. Often those difficulties are only there so we can get the satisfaction of overcoming them!


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