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This article posted by Daniela Norris on Thursday 20th July 2017

Pathways to Freedom Summer Retreat near Geneva (August 9-11)

Join us for a wonderful three day retreat near Geneva on August 9-11, 2017 – book your place here!

Workshops, classes and inspiration with Coldrey Blake, Mark Gilbert, Pattie Mercado, Mironel de Wilde, Daniela Norris, Erik Zoeteweij and Anne Bodner-Martin (children/youth program).

We don’t have the freedom to choose the environment we are born into or the conditions we find ourselves in, but we always have the freedom to choose how to respond to any set of circumstances we experience in life.

Deep inside we wish to be free to express our passions, talents, and abilities. We long to be our authentic self, and not to be blocked by fear, guilt, anger, pain and limited beliefs.

The Pathway To Freedom retreat will enable you to express personal freedom through a step-by-step guidance and healing process, which can liberate you from past conditioning and reactive emotions. You will begin to experience the peace, joy and emotional, physical and spiritual freedom you deserve.

During the retreat, we will expand our own experience of freedom by moving from our individual sense of freedom and expanding it to create the highest expression of our current lives. We will move towards an exploration of our role in the spiritual evolution of humanity. Ultimately, when we are called to express our greatest freedom, we serve the greater good in creating a world that works for all.
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