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This article posted by Daniela Norris on Monday 7th October 2013

On Dragonfly Wings found its home!

Something truly wonderful happened last week. Most people who know me, also know that I’ve been working on a book which is very different from most things I have written before. It is titled On Dragonfly Wings and is a spiritual journey.

Following the sudden death of my twenty-year-old brother, Michael, three years ago, I’ve embarked on an amazing journey. Many surprising and unexpected things happened along the way, and I’ve tried to understand – by reading, researching and training – the concepts of death and the possibility of life after death.

Those who know me also know I am a pretty grounded person, who would not believe things simply because someone else says they are true. I need proof, and the best proof is experiencing things myself. And I did. While training as a Past Life Regression therapist I’ve learned many things that I’ll share with the readers of this new book – part guide book, part memoir. In it, I talk about losing a loved one, and explain why our loved ones are not really gone. They are still with us, even many years after they have crossed over – in our dreams, at difficult times and even in everyday life.

They are still near us, near enough so we can contact them. And they can contact us. But for this to happen, we need to learn how to listen to their messages – messages they send us all the time – from the Other Side.

On Dragonfly Wings – a journey to mediumship, will be coming out in 2014 from wonderful Axis Mundi Books – watch this space for more info!

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