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This article posted by Daniela Norris on Monday 17th March 2014

On Dragonfly Wings

While I was writing my upcoming book On Dragonfly Wings – a skeptic’s journey to mediumship, I had many doubts.

Doubts, because the topic is very different from anything I’ve written before, which was mostly political writing. Doubts, because I thought I might lose some friends who would think I’ve gone all weird on them. And doubts, because I didn’t know if ‘normal’ people would be really interested in reading about contact with ‘The Other Side’.

Well, the book is only coming out next month but I already feel that even if a few old friends decide that they’d rather stay away, I’ve made many new friends since I’ve found the courage to write and talk about my experiences. When given the opportunity, many people admit that at some point in their life, especially around the passing of a loved family member or friend, they experienced ‘something different’.

Now, interpretations can be as varied as the shapes of clouds in the sky, but the bottom line is that many people are much more open to discussing this topic than I previously thought. I even got several interviews lined up – mainly in the US so far – and the reviews start trickling in.

So thank you to everyone who has, and still is, supporting me during this exciting time in my life. I am now described as ‘a former atheist who discovered contact with the other side’… I guess that does say a lot. Please watch this space for more information about upcoming book events and interviews.

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  • Hi Daniela,
    I shared much of your skepticism, but when my daughter-in-law wanted me to go to a medium with her after her father died, I went with an open mind. There is no way to “prove” that we were visited by her father, but we both left the experience feeling like we certainly were. So much of what the medium said applied directly to experiences my daughter-in-law had during the 10 days her father was on life support.
    There is so much more than we can ever really “know” about life, death and the incredibly vast breadth of human experience. I welcome any glimpse into what lies beyond the scope of our senses.
    I look forward to your book.

  • Thank you for sharing this story, Jan. I am amazed by how many people have experienced incidents like that, and are reluctant to talk about them for fear of being ridiculed or of ‘what will people think’. But once the topic is out there in the open, people feel more comfortable about sharing and exploring further the possibility of life ‘on the other side’. I dream of helping bring this into mainstream discussion!

  • Oh Daniela, I dream of that too. I hope that my novel helps to get people talking and thinking about what lies beyond our senses as well as the need to be connected to our Mother Earth.

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