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This article posted by Daniela Norris on Friday 20th January 2012

Life choices

For me, living in a part of the world where snow-covered mountain peaks in the distance are a daily sight is a conscious choice. Just getting out of the house in the morning is a refreshing experience every single day, and living in a relaxed place where people greet you and even find the time to smile and ask how you’re doing today is a profound experience.

I often wonder what growing up in such a place does to you, whether it makes you a more consciencious person with more respect to the environment and to others than those of us – like myself – who grew up in bustling cities. After thinking long and hard, the answer I came up with is: yes. It does make you a different kind of person. It makes you into someone who looks at what is around them with more open eyes than a city person.

We make life choices every day, and mine today is to learn more from the people who live in this magical place, not far from the international city of Geneva, and try to adopt some of their relaxed attitudes to life. Now, how’s this for a New Year’s Resolution?

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