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This article posted by Daniela Norris on Wednesday 11th December 2019

Audiobooks – did you know?

Did you know that audiobook sales are now around $1 billion in the US alone? There’s a good reason for that. Snuggling in bed with a cup of tea, headphones and a good audiobook can be such a comforting experience. Audiobooks can be downloaded onto your phone or tablet and listened to on the train, on the bus, in the car or when waiting for a doctor’s appointment. This is why audiobooks are such a success now, and for that reason I would like to give you a taste of the wonderful narration of my first novel by Natalie Naudus Bradner, who also narrated the sequel, Premonitions. You can listen to a sample here

If you enjoy it, you can then download it for FREE with an audible trial, or use this code/link for a discount in the US and this one in the UK. Enjoy your holidays with some good audiobooks, they are such a great way to relax!

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